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Mission / Role

Executive Committee

To carryout the work of Board during the start-up and early planning stages. Functions as an executive committee and acts on behalf of the Board between its meetings.  Also works to identify and build a network of community-based supporters for the advancement of the ECC mission, including building and maintaining a database of contacts along with the plans, follow-up contacts and information / message sharing to solidify relationships.

Finance and Fundraising

To conduct the organization's early and ongoing administrative tasks from structural planning, incorporation, tax exemption, policy development to accounting, tax, financial reporting, banking, administrative systems and management coordination and the like. Also works to search, identify, qualify and develop funding opportunities, plans, contacts, along with application / proposal preparation and follow-up to obtain the financial support needed to meet the ongoing needs of the organization, including recruiting additional members to assist in the successful execution of these responsibilities.

Nominating and Membership

To identify and recruit new directors in connection with needs and criteria established by the Board, along with reviewing, preparing and or updating Board member orientation materials as well as thereafter coordinating and conducting the orientation of new Board members and planning for the continuing education and development of directors during their term in serving Eastman Commons.

Communications and Community Relations

To identify audiences, messaging, materials, plans and strategies to effectively meet the communication needs of the organization and successfully carryout the work necessary. Plus, provides planning and execution needed for the timely and effective production, accessibility, sharing and warehousing of information for the efficient and cost-effective use and awareness of internal and external constituencies, including a quality internet web-site and outreach to the community.

Development Team

To provide the predevelopment and development technical assistance and expertise in rolling out the conceptual Supportive Housing planning and assessments in all its dimensions for successful advancement, including partnership formation opportunities / plans, schedules and through development, funding, organizing, constructing, marketing to ultimate implementation, leasing and sustainable operation.

Volunteer Connection

To support the volunteer needs of other committees and assist in identifying, developing, recruiting and coordinating volunteers for roles & tasks required, and a related database.

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