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Permanent Housing

Accessibility of Housing is Key

The centerpiece of this integrated program is the provision of affordable, high quality and attractive permanent housing for eligible adult low income people; a combination of eligible adult working professionals, returning veterans, disabled, elderly, and other special needs individuals.

All residents will sign leases and will live in safe, attractive, well-maintained rental units with a spacious living area and bedroom, full kitchen and some storage. The housing will be operated with on-site, full time and experienced local property management personnel.

remain housed.  The supportive services will empower tenants to address the destabilizing issues that have historically prevented them from maintaining permanent housing and offer support in developing the skills needed to remain independent and productive citizens.

Additionally, the development of affordable housing addresses pressing and unmet community needs while contributing to a neighborhood's or municipality's economic development objectives. Viewed in this manner, it is an investment serving multiple purposes and goals - and one that has been proven worth making.