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The major goal our supportive housing development is to enable individuals with challenges in their lives to become self-sufficient, good neighbors and productive community members.

Permanent housing at the Eastman Commons residence will provide a solid foundation upon which to build personal futures.  Moreover, ECC, working with its program collaborators [Common Ground Community (NYC), The Salvation Army, The behavioral Health Network of Rochester General Hospital, etc.], will bring unique strengths and capabilities that will create a broad range of activities and services designed to help individuals become more productive and to live with greater independence.

Employment, educational, benefits advisement and intensive vocational service coordination will dramatically enhance career options and improve earning potential.  Supportive services with a focus on developing social and independent life skills - budgeting workshops, cooking classes, personal care and grooming consultations, computer training, counseling, mentoring and recreational programs, etc. - will complement the housing, social and vocational elements of the program. Together these and more focused business alliances will serve to improve the economic opportunity of low-income working individuals living at Eastman Commons.

Eastman Commons and its provider affiliates working together will establish a cooperative process and provide trained personnel dedicated to building sustainable linkages between an array of complimentary peer and clinical services, both on- and off-site. Through these relationships they will effectively support the continuing success of those tenants that came to Eastman Commons with special needs who are now living in permanent housing as well as the low-income working persons challenging themselves daily to avoid the lures of past abusive behaviors and the risks the cycle of homelessness creates. Eastman Commons will further enhance the capacity of this development by utilizing pre-existing partnerships with key provider agencies in the local Continuum of Care to serve as catalyst, capacity builder and broker of resources to support the long-term self-sufficiency of its residents.

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