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Supportive Services Available

Residents of Eastman Commons will be given the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive range of on-site supportive services, including case management, counseling, advocacy, benefits advisement and more. These will be coordinated with access to community-based treatment and recovery services (health and mental health), dental services, MICA services, and employment / vocational service coordination, etc.  Each individual will be actively encouraged to engage in both on and off-site activities that are proactive and linked with the attainment of positive personal goals, fostering the continuity of existing provider relationships that contribute to their health and well being. Research has shown that proven benefits are derived from this unique and powerful combination of affordable housing with supportive services.

Supportive services will be pro-active and emphasize personal, vocational and residential stability.  Case managers will assist each resident in developing a service plan that is responsive to individual needs and promotes personal responsibility to:

  1. identify specific goals, objectives and required action plans for participant accountability;
  2. cultivate a circle of natural supports;
  3. become familiar with opportunities, barriers and resources that bear upon the achievement of personal goals and influence / guide the personal choices that need to be made;
  4. understand vocational options, implications, requirements, expectations and outcomes as they relate to the attainment of employment goals;
  5. navigate the service system and take full advantage of existing resources as necessary to ensure long-term success;
  6. develop supportive relationships with peers and to be given the opportunity to participate in self-help group activities, and
  7. receive the personalized attention & caring necessary to avert crises & encourage positive outcomes.

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