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Our Volunteer Mission

ECC’s volunteer mission is to build a service and giving network of caring and committed persons who share the vision of an Eastman Commons Community, through which they are able to broaden the capacity of our community as each develops their spiritual connectedness, character and sensitivity while becoming responsible and active members joyfully participating to the forward progress and results that are achieved.

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Our Volunteer Values

Addressing the needs of Eastman Commons and the populations in need we are dedicated to serve including the formerly homeless and low-income working poor, retired and others in need of affordable housing in our Rochester community.
Including critical thinking, problem solving, and reflection through the doing in our communities.
Leading by example and knowing that we can make a difference in the lives that Eastman Commons will serve and in our community.
In our community, the Eastman Commons community and broader communities it will serve to not only enrich our own lives but improve the quality of life for others.
All people have time and talents to share and collaborations are strengthened when we appreciate and resource those differences.
Realizing that we are at our best when we sit down at the table together with individuals, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, government, nonprofits, faith-based and other community organizations that share the same goals.
Believing there is an opportunity for meaning, for connection, for joy in any situation. Hope: the sense of absolute certainty and peace inside--when you just know that whatever comes, you can embrace it and move forward. Like, knowing I can’t hold back the coming of spring but wanting to learn to plant a seed and see a flower grow. Hope is looking forward and planning for tomorrow, knowing that our garden will bloom despite the mounds of snow we see.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."               ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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