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Research about the value and effectiveness of supportive housing has concluded:

Plus, the reduction in hospitalizations, incarcerations, and shelter costs nearly covered the cost of developing, operating and providing services in supportive housing.  After deducting the public benefits, the average NY / NY supportive housing unit cost only $995 per year.

Other community revitalization impacts have also been realized as measured and reported by Common Ground Community (NYC) and a State of Connecticut based research study (available through the Corporation for Supportive Housing) where property values have increased and crime (murder, robbery, burglary, rape and assaults) rates have decreased in areas surrounding its principal supportive housing projects.

Replicating and adapting a proven solution that also contributes to break the cycle of homelessness offers the potential to translate and realize similar benefits for the populations served and community as a whole.

Eastman Commons is a growing coalition of local supporters who believe in the dignity and value of every person, and who care about our community.  We believe that the strength of this type of constituency, supported by the team and organization being assembled, will become the fuel that encourages individuals to realize their goals and meet high standards of personal responsibility and neighborly behavior, while offering the support and services need to succeed - achieving the self-sufficiency with dignity and renewed hope in place its residents call home:  The Eastman Commons Community.

Source: Corporation for Supportive Housing, www.csh.org housing works to end homelessness!

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